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Jackson Contracting is a commercial and residential contractor serving customers in South Carolina. We provide a range of contracting services… from full scale commercial developments to individual commercial buildings to custom residential homes… we take great pride in our past, our present, and our future.

Why choose us?
We offer a full service design/build program that you customize to fit your needs. We can manage your project from the design phase through the building phase, or we can provide a more limited service, such as drafting to cost estimating:

Level 1 – Whether we help in the plan design or customization, or whether you bring a stock plan, no other builder will provide a cost analysis like Jackson Construction. You’ll be given each cost, line item by line item, and these costs will be guaranteed for a period of three months if Jackson Construction is selected as your builder. A budget like this is invaluable. It assures that your project will be delivered on budget. Building on a fixed budget? Yes, it is guaranteed with Jackson Construction.

Level 2 – Clients are provided the Level 1 service, and they are walked step by step through the construction process. Own your land already? We’ll build on it. Need a lot? Our real estate experts can assist you in this too. From every exterior and interior selection, our designer and building team will be there to assist you.

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